I watched a video of an interview featuring Jefferson Hack, who is one of the founders of Dazed and Confused magazine. And he made some very interesting observations about the digital revolution and how it will affect fashion and how fashion will react. He states the fact that we are always a step behind because the principles of traditional design houses are just that: traditional. They are reluctant to accept technological advancements as advancements. To me it is the mentality that the longer it takes, the better the quality. This hesitance ends up being a handicap, I think. I am learning this myself. It is not about giving into the way other people have begun to do things. It is about accepting the new tools that are available by using them in way that is uniquely beneficial to your cause. It is not that modernity is imposing itself. That is the attitude that cripples enterprises that refuse to change. It does mean that there are more outlets, and thus more elements to try and understand. It is a scary idea at first, but in the end it can introduce some pretty wonderful possibilities.

Side note: I particularly liked the way he used the word 'engage.' That the audience engages with the media, or the product. I like it because it is a dynamic action- an experience.

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