People in Paris

One sided windows

Taken from the inside of the 'Navette' that takes you to the new shopping center in Aubervilliers, right outside of Paris.
The mall is advertised on the sides of the water bus, thus the perforated effect. And from the outside, all you can see is the image.
I've been thinking about re-blogging and the challenge to not re-blog what other people have blogged. What are your original thoughts? Are they post-able? Or do you keep them to yourself? Sometimes it seems self indulgent to do any of this, but what is the point if you are not sharing a point of view? I think I have played it very safe, and maybe it is time to be a little more opinionated. But I don't want to share too much, either! What if I give away my secrets!

the things that are so wright and the things that are so wrong

She looks amazing and delicate and classic
Kate Middleton, who has been given the title The Duchess of Cambridge arrive to meet Governors-General and Prime Ministers at Buckingham Palace
gotta see the back, too!
The Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William & Miss Catherine Middleton
funny ways that people express their excitement
or maybe today was just another reason to dress up
Georgia Whitehouse wears a Royal Wedding themed hat
oh man...the blue skirt and the whole get up, next to the nude monochromed, discrete sister next to her...Princess Beatrice (R) and her sister Princess Eugenie
Princess Beatrice (R) and her sister Princess Eugenie via the times

new design news site

Ok not new, but I didn't know about it before...

with a great page resource for design competitions


I could only dream of making such a gorgeous tent with sofa cushions in my living makes a girl dream to see this image
from the independent

The Empress of Dress: The Last Queen of Paris: Countess Jacqueline de Ri...

The Empress of Dress: The Last Queen of Paris: Countess Jacqueline de Ri...: "The Last Queen of Paris Countess Jacqueline de Ribes says she’ll never write a memoir—no one would believe it. After a cruel W.W. II-era ch..."
lakes and reservoirs by Matthew Brandt
found via today and tomorrow

things I wish I had seen at the V&A

Surreal Things
Festivals, Ceremonies, & Customs
New York Fashion Now

for cute dresses

This site offers some very cute very nicely priced pieces that you won't risk wearing just to pass 9000000 other H&M shoppers in the same summer maxi. Some favorites:
Pocket Dress
sophomore $144
Thunderbird Dress
funktional $68
Military Maxi Dress
need supply Co. $68

film to see

this movie was recommended to me by a friend- I am going next week to see the amazing visuals of this artists first effort at a feature length film.
More to report next week

Women Without Men
by Shirin Neshat

Alle Meine Filzsteifte

found at
today and tomorrowAlle Meine Filzstifte #1 by Andrea ÜbelackerAlle Meine Filzstifte #4 by Andrea Übelacker

another ffffound

an awesome blog: the Gorgeous Daily- it is Gorgeous

Christopher Payne



some of my favorite ffffound pages:

yimmy's yayo
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louis Lander-Deacon
blog: M O O Djorinna

adrian ghenie

adrian ghenie
first seen on a new blog discovery: I Need A Guide
awesome images- paint- photo- building- interior- outside- you name it
visit and enjoy
image from g00218248


La Mer