buffalo painting

a new work in progress, the buffalo, inspired by the cowgirl, has now inspired the cactus painting that will be proceeded by ocean paintings...so, to be continued

Ralph Morse + Apollo portraits

Ralph Morse, a Life staff photographer, documenting NASA astronauts
 Project Mercury astronauts via Life
U.S. Astronaut John Glenn (1961) - Ralph Morse from themarathonwalker
Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon, Al Bean- crew of the Apollo 12 space craft from justacarguy


+ team photos of the Apollo crews from maverick2

Simon Phillips Drum Solo

Wanted to share a bit of percussion magic

these are some of the most crisp and precise and creative and rich and dimensional rhythms I've heard- Seeing him more recently performing with Hiromi Uehara in her "Trio Project" with Anthony Jackson on the Base and Hiromi on Piano- Simon Phillips was the one who really changed music for me-
drumming like you've never seen/heard it before. His strokes are so fluid and purposeful, literally extensions of his limbs.
+ you have to love the look

Lulu Kennedy

It is a really nice reminder that there are forces out there getting people onto the next phase of their work which are off of the traditional path.
Lulu Kennedy: fashion's fairy godmother - Telegraph

Kennedy is a great example of someone who saw an opportunity to GIVE opportunity to others whom she believed in. If that isn't a satisfying line of work, I don't know what is.