Lille France Day Trip

Day trip from Paris to Lille en images

Neil Armstrong

It is always at the end of an inspiring life that we revisit the accompishments of the person who is no longer with us. The same, I hope, will go for Neil Armstrong, whose life in the service of the Air Force and then with NASA has changed history and brought generations of Americans closer to their own dreams. As he hid himself from the public eye for much of his later life, will there be a release on the rights to his story? Will we see books and movies capitalizing on this moment? Can we appreciate the benefit of reviving history for generations who are distanced from the event (July 1969)?

Here Armstrong descends to take his first step...

TDF Fashion Editorial

Crazy for the textural and layering possibilities with outerwear
 this editorial gives me butterflies


for some reason this lovely wood grain makes me think of labrador retriever..

weather wear where

It's cold outside
and my sleeves are long
I can't reach out to stop the ball before it rolls into the street

There's no real tragedy here,
I motion to a car that I am about to cross
and I make it to the other side without a scratch.

Back on the lake it was less predictable.
The dangers weren't as obvious as a moving car.

I heard the sounds of animals and calls of birds
Myself, I was unimportant in the midst of it all.
Meaning vulnerable. You are no more important or precious
than the birds whose feathers fill your bedding
or the animals whose fur line your garments and boots.

It's funny though, as I wrap myself in man made nylon
defense against the dusting of water particles blowing like snowflakes in the wind
I am still at the lake, but it is as if I brought the moving car along inside my weekend satchel.

Mogao Caves, honoring Buddha on the Silk Road

Amazing Examples of High Tang Art in murals and sculpture. These temples and Grottoes are carved out from the landscape by traveling Buddhists on the silk trail around 2000 years ago. It is difficult to see from these few photos found with some quick research, but you can imagine the majesty and overwhelming effect they must have when seen in person...

read more about it here and here

Caroline Coon

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Lee Hazlewood - The Nights


Religion, Christianity, Faith, Iconography, thoughts run through my head these days. Here is my own brute effort, plus a couple of images from a visit to the Musée Jacquemart André