part off the process

the fact that right now I have no time and am sadly neglecting the blog

Fashion week

It has started in New York, and it is so strange to be on this end of it, still working on the collection for three more weeks after the day others send their collections out with the final 'ok, this is it.'

so good

went to this Gil Scott Heron concert thanks to someone special- I have been listening to Gil's music all summer, and had no idea who he was until tonight when I saw him live without even making the connection until I heard the of those amazing, remember always, music moments

maybe its my ego

but this kind of looks like a logo for leeleelee

design by annegret Beier

all part of the process

I will consider it a success when I never have to do this again

lost on the information super higway

the amazing site her famed good looks is showing an error message- does it no longer exist?

all part of the process

I went to see the gallery space for the LAD showroom today.

Valérie, la femme de l'architecte qui a commencé la galerie, me l'a montré. C'est magnifique, magnifique.