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This article was on le Figaro's website today about an exhibit at the Maison Européene de la Photographie that I was weeks ago and loved (especially seeing th full sized print of this Helmut Newton pair)

these are a couple of the few pictures I took from that day. I wish I could have brought half of them home.

here are some of the other titles I wrote down while I was there: + some images I dug up from those notes

Bernard Faucon Les Ballons 1983 du Serie "Evolution Possible de temps":
Monika Baumgart 2400 Seconds 1976

Martin Parr The Last Resort 1983-85:
Seymore Jacobs Brighton Beach 1978:
Sebastio Selgado Gisement de Petrole du Grand Burhan Kuwait 1991:
Emmet Gowin 1987-89 *Textures:
Raymond Depardon 1991 *Colors, Destroyed Spaces:

Raphaële Dauaporta Antipersonnel 2004 *Black Backgrounds:
Rosella Bellusci Portrait II 2000 *I want one (or 2):

Pierre Verger Dahomey Porto Novo 1949:
Duane Michals The Human Condition 1969:


A list of names I found in on an old post-it that I need to throw away

"Jenny Agutter, Gjon Mili, Maud Adams, Jane Birkin"

I have no idea why or what they had in common at the time

Jenny Agutter Wish I knew Where This Was Taken

Gjon Mili Multiple exposure of Gene Krupa

Maud Adams in The Man With the Golden Gun

Jane Birkin I couldn't decide


Michelle Obama's fashion has incited the birth of dedicated blogs, countless articles and debates, and spikes in sales for many designers from Thakoon and Jason Wu to JCrew.

One of the most interesting questions is that of her unspoken position as 'American Design Ambassador' which has set her to a certain standard in a role that has been too restricting concerning an issue that has more international implications than the waving of an American flag to show patriotism.

These two articles discuss her role, after a major event appearance in a dress designed by Alexander McQueen- the label, not the late great man himself.

It is important to acknowledge that there is a place for European fashion in American lives- For one thing: in hopes that the doors abroad will stay open to American designers, it is important that ours stay open to them as well. This is not a dress that is supporting manufacturing in China- on the contrary, this is a statement of taste and self expression of which we should be proud. To have a strong woman who is brave enough to wear real clothes- color, print, proportion! (Side note, you don't have to dumb down your style to become successful). Her life is international, all about representing us. I love the fact that she sees us in a red printed Alexander McQueen gown, a cuff at the elbow and a killer hair-do.


this article about Lolita author Nobakov is a great example of passion- a man who found completely diverse talents and purposes for himself and worked at those things in his life in order to leave behind something that was bigger than himself. And even more than that, with his passion for butterflies, by contributing to their study and discovering new species, that kind of contribution is completely separate from himself, and is purely a documentation of nature. No subjectivity involved. In fact it is totally the opposite. Whereas with his writing he was operating on a level purely of himself and his experiences. Totally subjective.

I wonder what other examples of this there may be.


I just learned about this today- NYTimes Dining section novice, the Minimalist. At the exit the minimalist will still be bringing in new fans and followers. And lots of book buyers I imagine.

Some images from the Minimalist's Image gallery. Does it look this good when you make it at home?

and the Minimalist's own favorites

What I really appreciate about this column is the idea of simplicity and manageability that motivated it. And then the diversity of the recipes. It is so easy to fall into the habit of thinking of the same go to foods whenever you lack inspiration. Sometimes whatever you have in the house already can even make a delicious dish that you would never have thought to try. Eggs, for example, are an ingredient that I find work in almost any dish. They are so versatile. Think outside of the box. Go through the archived of the Minimalist's 1000+ recipes, check out what is hiding in the back of your pantry, and let your mind run wild.


I think it is pretty cool that a manufacturer gets highlighted in this article. The reason I post it is because he talks about the balance of big name brands and also emerging design houses. And also the fact that it is only the beautifully made and conceptualized product that last. This article was written in 2003- I wonder what it would say in 2011.


I've been doing some looking into IFM where I'd love to take their intensive post-grad seminar courses. The school totally fascinates me. And this is just one of the opportunities available to their students. I am not a big trade show fan- but it is a pretty cool thing for a student to have such exposure. Nice lead into a job after graduation anyway.


Sometimes it is hard to start the day when, according to the light, it is still night. I know the days are getting longer, and I just marked in my calendar the next changing of the clocks: March 27th. And have been looking at the time schedule for the sunrise since as it gets earlier and earlier each day.

There is something really wonderful about this time of year. Lots of possibilities or something.


man I wish I could go see these screenings at MoMA


Tina Moditti
Italian Photographer-

Mexico- how cool are these close ups-



need ideas for dinner on those nights that you are totally uninspired and don't have the time to search for a recipe? They have them

last night was one of those we-are-both-hungry-and-grumpy-and-the-restaurant-was-closed-so-now-what-do-we-do-?-you-decide nights. I wish there was a


this song just makes good moods-
the video is super strange, and totally budget- awesome

Billy Ocean- Get Out of My Dreams


who listens to classical music?
here is a top ten list that might at least provide some direction for a little exploration

from NYTimes: Anthony Tommansini

and a great little taste of music: Cello Suite no. 1- so amazing


from an old issue of Livraison- a publication that I picked up by chance and fell in love with and is no longer running (I don't think?)
Some of it is less interesting, like the subversive stuff that I am just not into, some of it is funny, like these two unusual and creative examples, and some of them are just beautiful in terms of color and feeling


marina munoz