...she rode through the cactus rising up from the ground. Earlier this morning, in town, she had seen the women in the carriage with her curled hair and white gloved hand hanging listlessly out the window. What a life she imagined the woman must have. What a life. The hooves tapped on the dry ground, hollow and vast...
that night, as she lay under the big sky, she thought about what it might be like in a fluffy bed with soft white sheets. She closed her eyes to imagine it. Almost wishing herself there. But when she opened her eyes, she looked up at the bright, glimmering stars. They sparkled down on her like a thousand well-wishing angels. And she knew she wouldn't change places for anything...

Summer 2012 Haute Couture Paris

On Aura Tout Vu

 Georges Hubeika
 The House of Worth

 Stephane Rolland

 Rami Al Ali
 Yiqing Yin

Paris Mens FW 2012 fashion shows

 Issey Miyake

 Viktor & Rolf

 Henrik Vibskov

 Martin Margiela


Alate Wisdom

"...walking through the haze he saw a hopeful sign before him. a distinctive roundness at the height of a tree. The old man had drawn it at the end of his map in the sand on the riverbank. After days in the forest he had almost lost hope, the cryptic map leading him further and further into a wilderness that was less and less navigable. But isn't it often with our absolute last exhalation of aspiration, when we expect to breathe in defeat, that we realize we've reached the elusive destination? Here he felt that this was it. This was right. This is where he told me I would find the next piece and finally here I am
So he looked up into the tree.

There was the owl. Eyes closed, meditative. I called up to him "hello, are you the owl in the tree?"
and he opened one eye, as if he could see more than enough without troubling the other...."

SPACE- secret to success from a business expert

Satisfaction & Success
Passion & Persistence
Attitude & Action
Confidence & Common Sense
Effuse, Exceed, Enjoy

From "Spacesuits"

this awesome book just arrived in the mail- here are just a few of the amazing pictures inside.

images taken by Mark Avino in the book Spacesuits by Amanda Young, part of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Collection (2009)

the big man and the little man sat together side by side. the big man had lived longer- was weathered, was worn. the little man was smaller, like his name implies. little and light, in weight and in color. taking after the big man in texture and sheen. appearance is everything the big man always said. the wrinkles are my experience and worldliness. your smooth surface is your innocence and naivete. one day, when people have wrinkled you and worn down your seams, you will remember this moment with me.

outerwear for winter

Vintage Parka

Female Soldier China WWII
Russia Komi reindeer herders by Gordon Wiltsie

dr. Zhivago

Phyllis Diller