Great Big Blue

The Great Big blueness
around the little brown boat
was a carpet of ripples and waves and foam
concealing the world beneath

The wake of the little brown boat
left open a smooth passageway
into the great deep blue that expanded out below

The Great Big blue sky
reflected onto the ripples and waves and foam
the ocean disguised to resemble the
great big expanse of the open air above

the sky which is never ending and infinite
while the depth of the oceans are tangible
and defined by the earth's core

its shores are navigable and discovered
while the sky's beginning is as illusive as the horizon
and its territory is the final frontier

found drawings

sketches like these blue ballpoint line drawings pop up every time I clean off my desk...I don't know what to do with them except stick them in the filing cabinet, so I am daydreaming of my future studio where there purpose of the space is to house things like random inspiration notes and sketches rather than feeling encumbered by them. At least digitally they can't collect dust.

practicing short hand

It would be a really valuable skill for me, so I thought I'd give it a try listening to a quick round of interviews asking the pertinent question: "What do you look for in a young designer to identify a great designer of tomorrow?"

Here are some of the answers, in broken English, translated back from my chicken scratch short hand.

"faith in your own talent, love for the product, and love for your customer."
"A great designer of tomorrow has to have a vision and brilliant ideas."
"A strong design radiates authenticity
"Strong design knowledge of the past, feel for today, and vision for the future."
"Bravery that comes from love of fashion. Love of fun helps as well."
"Successful designers of tomorrow offer personal vision of beauty __ and individuality___seduce with sustainable fabrics___alluring___and subtle__of cut and color- harmony of cut and color should be a concern of any young designer___sense of fabrics that is where is all begins."
"At a time when any blogger can comment on fashion, designers have to be stronger than ever to realize their vision. The danger of being overwhelmed by the moment can be devastating for creativity."
"Successful designers of tomorrow understand design is about solving problems, in sustainability and efficient way___creative in use of texture, color, creative ceo of one's own brand."
"Young designers ___belief in self and vision- strong - stubborn ___because of flood of stimulation, information and divergent demands pouring in from all sides will constantly tempt you to be all things to all people."
"Skill and craftsmanship are as important as assertiveness and vision to successful designers."
In the morning, it was a bright and quiet time.
With no others, but, a splash in the pond.
"Hello friend," came a call. "Are the fish biting
this fine morning?"
"Come have a seat and we can answer together."
They sat peacefully and kept their senses all
in the tips of their fingers.

"Good morning, sirs," accompanied the
soft sound of grass underneath advancing feet.
"Fine fishermen, may I share the shade
of this noble tree with you?"
"Gladly. Please, sit. But we must insist
that you keep still as a the trunk of that tree
so as not to scare the fish away."

Some time of silence and quiet passed
without the sound of any man
not even the companions along the water's edge.

"I sense your effort, kind sirs, to send your senses
to the tips of your fingers so as not to miss
the slightest nibble from your aquatic prey.
But I must insist that in your patience, you
leave just enough sense up here
to enjoy this magnificent day."


 utilitarian, fragile, manual, natural, organic, manufactured, sheer, dense...

photographic Still Life images that I am strongly drawn to. see more in the still life section on his website:

Rocks & Water & Erosion

Ensenada Grande on Isla Partida from sailblogs 

Trolltunga (Troll’s Tongue) overhanging Skjeggedal, in south-western Norway

Chiricahua Mountains 
Hopewell Rocks 

Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki, New Zeland

Liam Stevens

These great landscape drawings invite you to imagine the narrative unfolding inside.
See more of Liam Stevens' work on his website

Landon Metz

still at the beginning of his career, Landon Metz has developed a style that draws you in with a narrative of shapes. His colors appear in forms that look uncontrolled, but the composition as a whole is sensitive and just right. 
It is not easy to know when to stop, or hold back. Metz does. Some of bolder colors are less harmonious to me in comparison to the more washed out tones, but it is all a mater of the evolution of the work. And nice to see more than one dimension to the artists' exploration.
Here is a selection, you'll see his body of work on his website

 some older work (2010)

David Lynch "The Cowboy and the Frenchman"

this short film is pretty awesome- albeit pretty strange- made in 1988, it combines French cliches of the American west with American cliches of France. I don't know how i stumbled upon in, but I thought I'd provide one more way for others to come across it. If you like to multitask, or if you have a spare half hour, it is a satisfying way to spend that time.
One great drunken bit: Slim chanting "oh la la" while Pierre chants "Yipee kai yai yay" with some good ol' guitar strumming in the background

also, here is a link to the screenplay just for fun