Wintertime on A lake in Norway

four times per year
the provisions are delivered
four times a year 
once in dead cold

the roads are closed
and a boat's not an option
the lake is now ice
with a coating of snow

travel 'cross ice 
leaving tracks not to follow
they are a caution 
someone's passed here before
the sack on a sled
efficient and agile
at the start you say
I could have taken more

In the refuge oasis
 the island of tress
you can't stay too long
you feel safe, you won't leave

the wind may be biting
advance past the tree line
just think of arriving
on the far side

it seems too distant
with your heavy load
but you've done it before
knowing that's all you need

take the first step
where the ice isn't worn down
across to the clearing
with the old crooked tree
deliver the wares
warm up your feet
start plans for next time
prepare once again to leave 

painting process

From start to finish 

the idea is a photographic documentation of the process of a painting from start to finish to then be displayed, sequentially, in limited edition prints along with the finished painting at the end of the series. 
(this ended up being painted over months later, but it was a good trial run)

Spring 2013...research begins

Stream of consciousness expanding on the visuals supplied, and try to verbalize the images in my mind. 
The wings, blues, greys, wind, lightness, silhouettes, ovals, owls, wind, raincoat, umbrella, water drops, ocean, stormy grey water, rough seas, sea/horizon/sky/clouds=tulle/silk/lace/water resistant, Swarovski, wind, feathers, sparkle, glint, two of a feather, crane, slender, elongate, luster, flutter...coruscation

in preparation for the Spring 2013 collection, here is the first set of research images

hidden in the landscape...

...the house smelled earthy and moist. From the inside you could see out over the lake, vast and open to the unbounded sky, almost forgetting the confinement of your vantage point, embedded into the hillside. Protected by the stones and reinforced wood panels lining the walls. The front and back door led out to two different worlds. One to the enclosed garden and the vista of green grass and wildflowers beyond the cultivated patch, and the other towards the misty lake giving access to the lands beyond via the canoe that was kept down by the wooden dock. It was the most lush season of the year, which meant many days of cloud cover and rain. And the wait for the flowers to bloom from the bright, yellow-green sprouts that emerged boldly from the protection of their own earthy enclose...

you know what you need to do next...

...the man said.
but the world is too big, she thought to herself, lying on her back looking up at a sky that seemed either right in front of her face, about to crush her into the field in which she lay, or it was so far away that the illusion of it's mass was only a fabrication of her imagination, which, as it happens, fabricated a lot of things. I know what I need to do next, she thought to herself. And the sky diffused into an innumerable number of little invisible particles that she breathed in deep so she had a part of the big limitless sky inside herself. I know what I need to do next. The thought repeated over again in her head. After I'm done laying here with the sky . . .