Sunset Over River Niger

listening to a BBC global newscast, the correspondent in Mali was taking a moment to witness the sunset over the river Niger citing it as one of the most beautiful sights he's seen. I was curious to see the effect of this particular couché du soleil. Here are some of the images. I would love to see this. And perhaps bring some tourism back to the area that has been abandoned by international visitors due to the  unrest in the country.

I love these that show the silhouette of the Fishermen, which is the prominent economy of the river.

The river Niger has its source in Guinea and runs North through the Sahara (Mali, Niger, the border of Benin) before roaming back down to the Atlantic in Nigeria

Current Sovereign Monarchs

a map of current Sovereign Monarchs that I just made with photoshop according to Wikipedia out of pure curiosity. All the those overlapped with fuscia are those under the rule of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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The quality of the images isn't stellar, but it is always like a treasure hunt to look and see what is inside of the thousands of books along the wall of the upstairs's a peek