sewing machine

I have said I wanted to make all of my clothes this summer. I have not, however, finished a single hem. it makes me smile when i see people notice- they are paying attention

But I have bought three things- they are all used.
One is a brown shirt that has tiny beige and light brown hearts all over it. It fits me perfectly and I love it.
The second is a blouse with the perfect dolman sleeve and fitted wrist that I can bunch up and it stays. but there is something about it that is not quite right. so I'm working on solving that problem. I think it means taking out the facing around the collar and placket- making the whole thing lighter and more open. And I think I want to bleach it, too.
The last thing is a lycra undergarment (skirt) that is printed with these brushstroke blue flowers that I figured would be perfect to wear underneath my sheer printed things where a slip ruins it and underwear just looks too accidental.
All this to explain how every time I find garments that work so right somehow, it becomes an exploration of why it works and how it can be incorporated into different designs, different fabrics, different bodies. alors on va voir ce que çe donne à la fin.

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