When it comes naturally

After a visit to the Phare de Cordouan, the lighthouse at the intersection of the Atlantic ocean and the Gironde river, This couple was sitting across from me on the ferry. They were so chic I did not even care that I was staring. Got to take those mental notes. They embodied the place- the atlantic- on that grey day. I bet their clothes smelled like salt, and the fading and holes were from years of exploration, their habitual movements, and from getting on and off of their boat. From the cut of her jeans to his haircut- It was all so natural. That innate sense of style and the ability to dress in 20 year old clothes with holes and look like a million bucks. I wanted to badly to take a picture.
Then going through my camera later, I realized that this couple I had captured going down the gangway to the ferry that morning was the very same. Only here their warmer layers over their shoulders, before the chill that came a few hours later.

Even their bags were perfect.

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