I rarely know what to say when I walk into a book store and i am asked
"can I help you find something?"
"je peux vous rensigner?"

because 90 percent of the time, I am just looking to be inspired by something unexpected (I just made the type somethin gunexpected which could be cool because now unexpected starts with the word gun- and some of my favorite pictures are women out west on ranches holding guns- rifles- maybe scaring bandits off their land, maybe hunting for dinner)

And so I just want to look through every book until I find an image that triggers a direction and then leads to something beautiful.

(I just made the typo look through 'ever' book- which is also cool because it is kind of like looking through for ever)

Here is a list of fashion magazines that I find beautiful right now
(always) Encens- specifically -New Forces- n 25
I Love You- (and the intro to their website)

check them out and enjoy

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