i just had a phone conversation with the man at the printers where the potluck is being printed. He said he had not started the book yet because there were some things that seemed bizarre. When I told him that the thing was ok and to just go ahead and do it as it is, he said "c'est un livre très original alors."

and so my self consciousness rethinks the process and makes me want to take the project elsewhere, especially because the only reason I wanted to work with these people in the first place is because they seem very cool (they are very cool) and I thought they'd be down with a project like the potluck and not act like it is such a strange thing. I think this whole process has just dragged on for too long. At least for the next one I'll know what I'm in for.

Maybe I just print it myself and staple it together. That is more what I was going for in the first place

but no, I have already missed the opportunity to display it with the collection. No S1X elzévir. So I'll just ride this out.

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