a couple sips too many= overflow

this picture came from a friends apartment after several of us got together for a 'see you when you get back' toast before her departure. We ended up, three of us, going back to her apartment and settling in to a bottle of bubbly with candles lit on the table. Of course, paying more attention to our conversation than the overflowing candles, it wasn't until the stream became a free-fall to the floor that we noticed this amazing escaping wax.
what makes me laugh about this picture is that i remember being self conscious when I was taking it, trying to get an angle that made sense but realizing that i had maybe had just a sip or two too much to make sense of any 'sensical' frame. but mostly that I was thinking 'oh, man. I'm that girl who is getting all artsy-fartsy over the spilling wax...'
but for all the moments i see something that makes me want to whip out the camera, there are too many that i walk by because of self consciousness and what the witnesses will think: tourist, spy, artsy-fartsy.
and whatever this picture is pretty cool

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