Friday Event (+ early reflections)

what keeps you going?

and if you had to make decisions everyday about questions that were going to be more than what kind of cereal to buy but more like will women wear the green or the red? Will they wear the bouclé or the felt?
how refined does something have to be to be refined? How much can you leave up to the wearer? or do you over-refine it so that no matter what the wearer does she can't help but be refined?

reading Kafka and going to hear a talk about Borges (this is the event: American University of Paris organized lecture given by Suzanne Jill Levine, translator, scholar, and author...most recent project the 5 book penguin series The Master Works of Borges), it was mentioned that they had both become adjectives: Kafkaesque, Borgesian

because their oeuvre had transcended their medium and come to represent a school of thought

what kept them going? The constant digging and searching into the questions in their lives and in their heads. The pain of being a thinker is trying to make sense of those thoughts in the context of words and meaning. And so the exercise of putting them down is the most gratifying thing for them to do. To make sense of those thoughts, or to try to work them out and watch them become more clear and evolve as they grow and add more experience to their thoughts and theories.

I don't know

more on Ms. Levine:

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