Thanks to a friend for sending this to me- also from yesterday

it is awesome when events can have such a strong impact- trying to think of a recent example

still thinking

one part I wanted to highlight:

"...All we had was one tiny image of the Eiffel Tower hanging against a black curtain in the back.” Yet it came off, Mr. Burrows said, “because the bare stage with no props made it look so modern.”

So, too, did the “exotic” new American unknowns. “Oscar put it so well,” said Alva Chinn, a model whose long career in many ways began that night at Versailles. “He said, ‘You know, it was you girls, the music and just your energy and your presence and the way you work that shifted everything.’ There was a freedom then that doesn’t exist in many realms in our culture anymore, unfortunately.”"

mostly about the modern interpretation of simplicity
and also the idea that there is a freedom that does not exist anymore- which is an interesting contrast to the idea that we live in a culture where 'anything goes'
And so it becomes the idea that anything goes in terms of the shock factor- nothing is shocking anymore. But in terms of freedom in behavior and comportment, it is a story of confidence that does not exist anymore because everyone wants to change- be reinvented- to articulate this thought?...

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