Michelle Obama's fashion has incited the birth of dedicated blogs, countless articles and debates, and spikes in sales for many designers from Thakoon and Jason Wu to JCrew.

One of the most interesting questions is that of her unspoken position as 'American Design Ambassador' which has set her to a certain standard in a role that has been too restricting concerning an issue that has more international implications than the waving of an American flag to show patriotism.

These two articles discuss her role, after a major event appearance in a dress designed by Alexander McQueen- the label, not the late great man himself.

It is important to acknowledge that there is a place for European fashion in American lives- For one thing: in hopes that the doors abroad will stay open to American designers, it is important that ours stay open to them as well. This is not a dress that is supporting manufacturing in China- on the contrary, this is a statement of taste and self expression of which we should be proud. To have a strong woman who is brave enough to wear real clothes- color, print, proportion! (Side note, you don't have to dumb down your style to become successful). Her life is international, all about representing us. I love the fact that she sees us in a red printed Alexander McQueen gown, a cuff at the elbow and a killer hair-do.

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