more recipes for a healthy new year-

I got here from a little research on street style blogs and from facehunter I got to the observer and voila:

I sprout salad

II celery salad- another egg recipe

I think it has been inspiring for me to look at these recipes because it offers another idea for a creative outlet.
Thinking about how a highly usual response to the question of "what do you do" now involves a list: "I'm an artist, designer, chef, freelance writer and blogger."

Is this the list of things that they get paid for? A list of hobbies? A list of anything to avoid being identified by your work?
It is a strange question- knowing that some of us really do find ourselves worth within our work. I get that- it is easy to see it as our contribution to society- to the world!

As we enter into a world of gray, where things are still too often interpreted in black and white.

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