I just learned about this today- NYTimes Dining section novice, the Minimalist. At the exit the minimalist will still be bringing in new fans and followers. And lots of book buyers I imagine.

Some images from the Minimalist's Image gallery. Does it look this good when you make it at home?

and the Minimalist's own favorites

What I really appreciate about this column is the idea of simplicity and manageability that motivated it. And then the diversity of the recipes. It is so easy to fall into the habit of thinking of the same go to foods whenever you lack inspiration. Sometimes whatever you have in the house already can even make a delicious dish that you would never have thought to try. Eggs, for example, are an ingredient that I find work in almost any dish. They are so versatile. Think outside of the box. Go through the archived of the Minimalist's 1000+ recipes, check out what is hiding in the back of your pantry, and let your mind run wild.

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