always a favorite...I have found tons of images not yet edited and organized, here's just a sampling I wanted to share...
Steven Brisson Photography
Tim Laman
Nikki O'KeefeJoseph Van Os
Andy Richter
Roman civilization, 1st century A.D. Nilotic scenes with pygmies, 55-79 A.D., painting on plaster, 56x217 cm. From Pompei. Detail.

Taxidermist George Adams, who restores animals to their forest and jungle spendour, and recreates backgrounds to look like their habitat, arranging one of his birds in preparation for his exhibit 'Marsh Birds At Evening', at the New York Museum of Natural
Flock of eight flamingos wading in water, Lake Nakuru, Kenya
Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Nov 2006
kevin schafer

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