Hussein Chalayan in Paris

This really fantastic exhibit was all about technology and exploiting the possible overlaps within Chalayan's vision of fashion. A brilliant designer who could have chosen any medium, he often incorporates those diverse design sensibilities in his runway instillations and video presentations. Also in his garments, as they super conceptual extreme is sculptural and not at all conventional clothing. What makes it distinctly about fashion is the role that the body and identity play in his creative commentary. By using the body as a foundation for his creations, there is an implied set of ideas that are connect to the idea of the body and the self. But in the context of his very thoughtful concepts he is able to send a different message each season. Part of that is thanks to the experimentation with new materials and processes which are often of a scientific or technologocal nature. Even his more rustic, raw, hand-made references come together in the form of some kind of modern hybrid, and never exist solely on ideas of the past.

this image is from my favorite Chalayan collection (one I cited in my first project design at SCAD) and the image if from the museum's website
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