Pointe City at Le Bal, Paris

Mikhael Subotzky & Patrick Waterhouse 

A visual story of the Ponte City tower in Johannesburg. Through photographs and found objects, a view of the lives that were housed inside over it's three decades in existence. There were several vignettes of found objects mixed with large format photographs of the building in various stages of disrepair, and of the tenants between 1975 and 2007.

This group of photos are of the vacated spaces, with photographs of the people who lived in them superimposed.

This was a wall of found objects in covered in photographs, cassette tape covers, books, CVs, Posters, love letters, manifestos, and everything else one might find in piles of papers or forgotten in drawers...

The following Photos from Le Bal Website

This photo was next to hand written drafts of letters requesting ("I herby beg") for refugee status and many official documents refusing asylum or forms asking about your history, where you are from, why you left, did you seek help from local authorities and are you able to go back?
At Le Bal

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