Villa Savoye- le Corbusier

While on a excursion to visit the photo truck the JR has been sending around France to collect portraits for his Pantheon installation, I took a walk around the Corbusier landmark house on whose grounds the truck was parked. 
In all kinds of disrepair, I wonder if my 7,5 euro ticket will go towards the electricity bill, or the salary of the lady punching the cash register. And I hope that somewhere there is a fund building up that will take care of some of the disrepair you'll see in the images below. 

The house, built between 1928 and 1931 as a weekend home for the Savoye family, was called "les Heures Claires."
The Bright Hours
And it incorporates all Five Points of New Architecture: Stils, roof gardens, open-plan, free-floating facade, horizontal window. 

It is a really divine and modern system of in and outdoor spaces that all loop back together into themselves. Maximizing on light through the use of expansive windows and few internal structural supports, divisions are used effectively to delineate purpose and privacy. If ever you have a chance to pass through the Pstisian suburb of Poissy, make this a certain stop. 

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