Valuing Objects

I was troubled and surprised by a statement today that it is not worth spending money on things, but only on experiences. As a designer and an artist I create things. I put a lot of value into things. I try to create things that will have value for others as well, otherwise it is not really worth creating. That is a personal opinion, however, as my main interest lies in sharing- which I do through creating, which ideally connects me through the expression of my idea, to another person/other people. From this perspective, objects are immensely important. And create experiences just as potent as an experience in which we are more physically dynamically involved. In this case I am considering an experience as an activity, while an object evokes a more passive reaction. But when you think of the intellectual stimulation, you realize how active a state of being it actually is to be engaged in a dialogue with object that stimulates you.
I am, however, adamantly against 'stuff.' Such as gifts for the sake of gifts, and the new 'it' bag every season. Give me one present my whole life that lasts forever and makes me think of you. Give me one bag that knows the shape of my shoulder and goes with every outfit like an extension of myself. As much an accessory as my own hair.

More on this later. I have some thoughts to work out myself.
Take a velib down to:


Exposition du 01 avril au 01 juin 2010


7-9, rue des Beaux Arts 75006 Paris

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