The way through the wild
frontier is unmarked and
unpredictable. The creatures,
the terrain,
and the vegetation...
change all around us- transform
from prairie, to desert, to mountains
and to lush forests.
The earth from brown
to yellow to grey to red. The creatures from deer
to crickets, to men.
And the only way to prepare for the unexpected
is to expect nothing.

Too often in our concrete world we assume we understand
how our environment functions and what might happen next.
And so we miss opportunities
that might teach us something new-
or that might save us from repeating a mistake.
And people who might open our eyes a bit, or a lot, pass by unnoticed or unappreciated simply because we think we already know.

We never know.

Every encounter is a wild frontier
And to be king of it is to
treat it as such- wild and unknown.
To be delicate and attentive-
courageous and open-minded,
generous and curious,
natural and confident,
questioning and receptive.
Ask honestly, answer honestly.

be a king.

And may every step be a wild frontier.

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