English Language

Grammar obsession
word obsession

learning a new language inevitably gets you into conversations about grammar and vocabulary in your own language and your own knowledge is tested.

so I've found some tools to re-teach myself those little things that we don't bother with but really give so much more flexibility and subtlety to our use of the English language. (that little red dotted line that now appears for automatic spell check is a blessing and a curse)

And please please please don't forget about your 25 pound dictionary that smells musty with whisper thin pages which, in turning, introduce you to a whole new relationship with words.

The reason that this might be so important is that in discussing ideas and explaining the reasons for a project or a decision you have to be able to express yourself concisely and convincingly. Not convincing=manipulative but convincing=reasonable/just/valid

something i find more and more important in fashion where the most quoted designers are heard saying "this season i was inspired by..." Please! there is more to it than that. So learn some new words and a little bit of grammar and shake things up a bit

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